Parrot Grande Charity Information

January 17, 2019

To Whom It May Concern:

For over 35 years, Arizona’s children impacted by pediatric cancer, through a personal diagnosis or by having a sibling with cancer, congregate each summer at the enchanting R‐C Scout Ranch in Payson, AZ.

These children whose lives were impacted by a life‐threatening disease are usually unable to enjoy the experiences of a traditional camp setting due to their medical requirements.

Southwest Kids Cancer Foundation’s (SWKCF) program, Arizona Camp Sunrise and Sidekicks, offers these children a fun, safe, and supportive week‐long camp experience away from the stress and weight caused by childhood cancer. These camps are offered at no cost to the participants or their families, who are often already burdened with medical costs from having a child diagnosed with cancer.

In keeping with their charitable community efforts, the Arizona Parrot Head Club has chosen the SWKCF program, Arizona Camp Sunrise and Sidekicks, to be the beneficiary of their annual “Parrot Grande” event, held at the WeKoPa Resort, August 1618, 2019. The event’s Silent Auction and Raffle will benefit Arizona Camp Sunrise and Sidekicks. We humbly ask for a donation to benefit this worthy program. Any donation received from this volunteer will be used for the 2019 Parrot Grande event.

The net proceeds from the 2019 Parrot Grande will go to directly support the kids at Arizona Camp Sunrise & Sidekicks. Thank you very much for your consideration, for your selfless generosity and for making the mark against childhood cancer. We are extremely grateful for your support!


Emma Bennett

Director of Operations

Southwest Kids Cancer Foundation

Tax ID #46‐2354987